Medical Escort via Rail is a money-saving option when time is not a prevailing concern, and the patient's condition requires him/her to be lying down. Patients are accompanied by members of our medical team and travel in a sleeper car of an Amtrak train. The medical team provides assistance with medications, hygiene and other personal care issues.
  • Less expensive than air ambulance or long distance ground transportation
  • Dependent on Amtrak schedules and seat availability - requires 7 to 10 days advance planning.
  • Patient travels in a relatively stress-free environment
Patient's Condition to Qualify for Rail Escort
  • Patient is not in critical condition
  • Travel time is not a primary consideration
A patient must:
  • Be categorized as BLS
  • Not require a ventilator or have a tracheostomy
  • Not require continuous oxygen therapy
  • Be able to sleep lying down or with the aid of one or two pillows
  • Be able to walk short distances (10 feet) independently with a cane or walker
  • Be able to withstand a two to four day trip
Ideal candidates for Medical Escort by Rail:
  • Behavioral health disorders
  • Neurological injuries
  • Orthopedic injuries
  • Minor ambulatory issues
Types of Medical Care Transports
All patients transported by Rail Escort are accompanied by two medical professionals.
Patient's Condition Medical Team Assigned
BLS Two trained Registered Nurses or Critical Care Paramedics
Travel Details
  • Patient is accompanied by a nurse or paramedic in a sleeper car
  • Patient travels in comfort, lying down
  • Receives ongoing medical assessment/assistance with medications, meals, hygiene, mobility, other care issues
U.S. Air Ambulance Services
  • Arrange ticketing
  • Pre-trip medical intake physical assessment of the patient
  • Arrange ground travel to and from the rail station
  • Direct assistance with airport check-in, security clearance and boarding on/off the train
  • Provide all medical care, administer medications, assist with meals, hygiene, mobility, and other care issues
  • Conduct post-trip medical assessment and provide verbal report to receiving facility