Air Ambulance is the fastest method of transporting critically ill patients from one facility to another. We offer multiple aircraft options to meet individual needs and budget considerations. All planes are equipped with state of the art life support equipment to meet the critical care needs of the patient.
  • Our Air Ambulances are flying ICU's, fully equipped to meet the needs of your patients
  • Each aircraft is inspected regularly and uses state of the art medical equipment
Patient's Condition to Qualify for Air Ambulance
  • Appropriate choice for critical care patients.
  • Note: Three conditions that prohibit air ambulance transport:
    1. Patients in labor
    2. Patients who have had heart surgery within 24 hours of the flight
    3. Patients with unstable vital signs
Types of Medical Care Transports
Patient's Condition Medical Team Assigned
BLS One or two trained Registered Nurses or Critical Care Paramedics
ALS Two Critical Care Personnel: Registered Nurses with ICU or Emergency Room Training and ACLS Education and/or Critical Care Paramedics
Respiratory Critical Care Respiratory Therapist (if required)
Specialty Trauma Requires a Physician, One ICU or Emergency Trained Registered Nurse, and a Critical Care Paramedic. May also include a Respiratory Therapist.
Medical Training
Each air medical crew member must:
  • Meet the following requirements:
    • Minimum five years experience in critical care
    • Yearly training in flight physiology, ACLS, and critical care medicine
    • Current certification in ACLS, ATLS, PALS, and/or NALS
  • For Critical Care Paramedics: Complete Department of Transportation Air Medical Crew-Advanced National Standard Curriculum (or its equivalent as determined by our Medical Director), including the following course content:
  • Patient assessment
  • Flight safety
  • Patient management in the airborne environment
Supplies and Equipment aboard the Aircraft
  • Prior to and after each transport, the inventory of medical equipment and supplies is checked for accuracy
  • Equipment is regularly rotated for periodic scheduled maintenance and calibration per industry standards
  • A partial list of supplies and equipment onboard includes:
Cardiac monitor and defibrillator unit
Suction equipment
All ACLS Drugs
IV supplies
FAA approved stretchers
AC inverters
U.S. Air Ambulance Services
  • Arrange all flights
  • Pre-trip medical intake physical assessment of the patient
  • Coordination between sending and receiving facilities
  • Arrange all ground travel to and from the airport
  • All medical care,
  • Conduct post-trip medical assessment and provide verbal report to receiving facility