basic air ambulance and medical transport q&a

01. what exactly is an air ambulance?
02. are you an air ambulance company?
03. why are you a better company than the other air ambulances that i have called?
04. do you offer services that other companies don't?
05. what is your safety record?
06. are you able to move my loved one? he needs medical attention.
07. how will i know if my loved one needs an air ambulance?
08. when can i reach someone to discuss my needs?
09. is your service licensed and insured?
10. where are you located?
11. does your service fly to my locations?
12. who will be setting up my trip?
13. can you explain your process?
14. my mom had an accident recently and we would like to bring her to our home to live with us. do you do that sort of thing?
15. can you accompany my mother on a commercial flight?
16. can you take more than one patient on a plane?
17. how long will the flight take?
18. how fast can you get here?
19. how soon do we need to schedule the flight?
20. how soon can i get a quote?
21. can i get an itinerary?
22. can you take my mother's luggage in the ground ambulance?
23. can the family ride in the ground ambulance?
24. can you call me with updates throughout the course of the trip?
25. does your crew go into the hospital?
26. i have a gulfstream aircraft. can you put a medical crew and equipment on my plane?
27. what kind of ground transportation do you provide?
28. do i have to set up the transportation?
29. should i meet you at the airport or at the hospital?
30. what is an fbo?
31. can you fly to me prior to picking up the patient?
32. are you a broker?
33. are you camts certified?

getting prepared for an air ambulance medical transport flight

34. what am i required to do to prepare for the trip?
35. in addition to the information i'll give you, what will i need to do?
36. how far in advance do i need to schedule the trip?
37. i don't have a bed yet. what do i need to do?

air ambulance medical transportation financial questions and answers

38. how much does your service cost?
39. is ground transportation included in your price?
40. what form of payment does u.s. air ambulance accept?
41. are all of your costs included or might there be additional charges?
42. is there a less expensive alternative than air ambulance?
43. do you provide any discounts?
44. are there any other ways you can reduce the cost of the flight for me?
45. do you know of any charities that could help pay for the air ambulance?
46. is there an extra charge for oxygen?
47. does it cost more to go on the weekend?
48. how much will it change the price if my dad goes on the trip?
49. are there any discounts for aarp?
50. can i give you more than one credit card to pay for the trip?
51. can i pay you after the flight?
52. is financing available?
53. is authorizing a card the same as charging it?
54. why is your company more or less expensive than the other companies i've talked to?
55. is air ambulance more expensive than a charter company?
56. is the price you will quote for me round trip or one-way?

air ambulance medical transportation insurance questions and answers

57. does insurance, medicaid or medicare pay for this service?
58. what forms of insurance do you accept?
59. will you help me submit insurance papers?

medical questions

60. what do you mean by "bedside-to-bedside" service?
61. what type of medical personnel do you provide?
62. what type of medical equipment and medications are on board?
63. who is your medical director?
64. how many medical people go on each trip?
65. what kind of training do they have?
66. is there a doctor on board?
67. will the nurses be able to administer medications during the flight?
68. what happens if the patient has an emergency during the trip?
69. my patient has special medication needs. how can i get those taken care of during the flight?
70. why do you need two nurses on board?
71. my mother is a nurse. can she take the place of one of the nurses?
72. my mother can't sit up. will she be lying down on the plane?
73. what is involved in getting the patient released from the hospital?
74. my mom is in a nursing home. does she really need all that equipment?
75. my doctor won't release the patient. can you take her ama?
76. my doctor filled out a dnr. will you honor it?
77. what if my father becomes unstable or passes away before the trip? will you charge me?
78. my mother is very ill. what happens if she passes away during the trip?
79. my father has end-stage emphysema and is on high oxygen. can you take him under this condition?
80. my mother is on oxygen and i am concerned about taking her on a commercial airline. is there a problem doing so?
81. can you fly a pregnant woman?
82. my baby is 35 weeks old and needs to be transported to another hospital. are there special precautions that i should be concerned about?
83. my mother is on a vent. are you equipped to handle that?
84. my brother weighs 543 pounds. can you move him?
85. my mother requires blood transfusions. can you do that?
86. my father is on a heart pump. are your personnel trained for that?
87. my brother has a morphine drip. can you administer morphine?